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Slowing Ethical Closet

Awakening. Unisex Shirt

Awakening. Unisex Shirt

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These unisex shirts are bamboo-made, an indulgent and sustainable textile that feels so smooth and comfortable that you won't stop wearing it!

  • long sleeve shirts
  • regular collar
  • limited edition
  • soft touch

Why should I it?

Sustainability: Bamboo produces more than 35% of oxygen than a regular tree and doesn't need pesticides or fertilizers to grow.  It's biodegradable and doesn't cause pollution to the environment.

Arts support: You'll be not only providing better working conditions to some artisans in India, as keeping these ancestral and manual techniques alive.

Unique. Being a slow fashion concept means that, among other things, we produce a limited number of pieces. It's very unlikely that you cross somebody else with a shirt like yours!

Please kindly note that slowing shirts are hand-printed. Every piece assumes different shades, getting an artisanal feeling. That's why they're so special and unique.

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