Kimono Recognition, Organic Hemp
Kimono Recognition, Organic Hemp
Kimono Recognition, Organic Hemp
Kimono Recognition, Organic Hemp

Kimono Recognition, Organic Hemp


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This kimono is made of organic hemp, and besides being sustainable, it's also a no gender piece.

Why should we bet on hemp clothes?

Made of the stalks of the Cannabis Sativa plant, it is relatively easy to produce sustainably.
  • Durable and ruggedness;
  • Requires less than 50% of water and land when compared to cotton;
  • It doesn't need fertilizers or pesticides;
  • Releases less toxic substances into the soil and broader ecosystem;

Please kindly note that slowing kimonos are naturally dyed. Every piece assumes different shades, getting an artisanal feeling. That's why they're so special and unique.

Slowing, ethical closet.

Short Sleeves Size Dimensions


Long Sleeves Size Dimensions

2 to 5 working all over Europe and USA. Free shipping over 75€ / CHF
We are based in Switzerland and have a warehouse in Portugal; this way, we can easily cover the shipping.

shipping costs
Free shipping over 75€/75CHF. Otherwise:
6€ / CHF - Switzerland, Germany, and Portugal
10€ /CHF - worldwide, except in the countries mentioned above.

Additional charges: To get a tracking number, the courier charges 12€, which we consider a high value. Therefore, we decided to offer 50% of this amount to all the clients who would like it.

Care instructions


Hand-wash your clothes in cold water. They’re handcrafted and may be treated with the same delicacy as any other art piece.

You may wash them with soft soap, such as ph. neutral or organic soap nuts. You may find them on our website.

Wash your hand-printed clothes separately, and don’t let them soak for long.

Protect your clothes from direct sunlight and store them in the dark.



If you’re using organic soap nuts, you may place them with the bag in cold water and shake them. It will immediately release saponine, and you can then deep your clothes in. They are quite effective even in cold water.

If you feel that your clothes are already too dirty, you can boil your soap nuts first and use that water once it’s cold.

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