Our Story

This adventure starts with our affection for arts and nature.

We save a special spot for ancestral printing techniques, such as block printing - a millenary art of hand-carving wood blocks to use as a printing stamp.

We knew our clothes should be sustainable; therefore, we strick to use organic textiles and eco-friendly dyes.


"I select the fabrics regarding their ecological footprint, then they're manually printed. When I found this brand, I wanted sustainability to be more than a sales argument. It is the genesis of our products and the result of several collective steps.

At Slowing Ethical Closet, everything is handmade under fair trade principles, and instead of chemical dyes, we use organic ones. We also turn leftovers into new clothes;

We have made countless efforts to honor this commitment to nature and the artisans who bring our pieces to life. It's not always the easiest path, but it's undoubtedly the most gratifying one.

                                                                                                  With love, Tatiana"

Who We Are

We are Slowing.EC! A gender-neutral, ethical, and genuinely sustainable clothing brand!

Our profound commitment to nature, art, and community, pushes us to strive to empower women, provide excellent working conditions, and keep the heritage of ancestral techniques alive.

Our eco-friendly materials are ethically sourced and traced, and we are keen to reduce our carbon footprint at every possible touchpoint!

Be You!

We empower you to be you. Do what brings you joy, have fun your way, love whom you want to love, and bring it in for a hug. We’re here to make you look good doing everything you do. Let’s take care of each other and this beautiful place we call home.

Respect and Trust

From suppliers and workers to shops and individual buyers, we strive to honor and value the entire Slowing community.

Low Environmental Impact

Our textiles are certified and ethically resourced. Sustainable practices are the foundation of our manufacturing process, and we reduce consumption at every possible touchpoint.